Le Clos des Sens
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This spruce establishment in the upper reaches of Annecy is home to Franck Derouet and his associate Thomas Lorival. Together they craft a culinary repertory whose veggie and lake-focused slant is clearly founded on a locavore philosophy as everything comes from their own garden or within a 100km radius. Each dish is sprinkled with seasonal fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs, adding a poetic and modern art flourish. Their work with fish from the lake involves in-depth reflection about texture and cooking methods, resulting in dishes like raw fera (lake fish) enhanced by a powerful garum, fermented over several weeks, or aged pike grilled like red meat. In a bid to respect the seasons, the chef may introduce the odd carnivorous note into his menu, particularly during the angling close season. As well as a wine list exclusively from local wineries, the establishment offers “food and jus” pairings of vegetable stocks, broths and herbal teas with different dishes that explore new tasting and aromatic horizons, while celebrating the manifest camaraderie and common ethos that motivate the kitchen and front of house teams. A genuine banquet for the senses.
13 rue Jean-Mermoz - à Annecy-le-Vieux
74940 Annecy